Capturing the Moment
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Monday, August 31, 2015
By Barry Hertzberg
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So if you are on the website you know that I trademarked the catch phrase, "You live the moment, We'll capture it."™

What that means is so relevant here when Donna and I became engaged.

"How did you do that Barry?" you should ask. Well, I'll tell you in a word. Planning.

The rest are details we would be happy to share with you when you come and visit with us.

If you have anything less than a seasoned professional photographer working for you, rethink that.

Too expensive? Hey I'd argue that these images are priceless to our family and friends. 

This was the perfect day.We planned with our driver / photographer, Rodger to go to a secluded beach in Cozumel, Mexico. A cooler full of wine, champagne, cheese, and baguettes waited for us. Rodger was in place to make a few "snapshots" of us when I pumped the Lee Brice song "Hard to love" into my new JBL Bluetooth speaker. Donna was ready for the picture and I turned and presented the ring. Rodger captured the moment. Later that same evening we processed the images and had them on line to annouce our engagement to the world. We called our parents and we went to a lovely dinner.

We have known grooms who hired expensive helicopters, hot air baloons, and all kinds of theatrics for a proposal. All we have ever seen from it is less than perfect camera phone images and failed attempts from photographers who never had the sense to advise their groom how to prepare.

Unless you have a photographer with a camera and the sense of living that moment you will miss the magic in her eyes, the delight in his eyes, and a chance to have something extrodinary that is unlike anything else you both will cherish forever. I'd suggest you call me today guys. Let me get you straight.