How much is an investment in photography with your studio?

Most couples invest between $1,500 to $5,000 for a wedding collection. Some packages are less than $1,500 depending on your unique circumstances. Please share the details of your wedding with us so that we can create a customized package for you.  

A price list is available upon request and with some additional information about your event.

You can help us to help you keep the costs under control by sharing with us a few of the key plans for your wedding. The date, places, schedule, and details about the reception, such as how many people you are having and if you are thinking about purchasing an album will factor into the cost of our services. 


For other types of portraiture (Executive, Family, Head shots, Maternity, and all commercial work), we will quote you a price over the phone or you may take advantage of our monthly promotional offers. We do require a retainer to reserve your appointment. Appointments can be rescheduled with more than 48 hours notice. The retainer is applied toward the reservation of your session and will be applied toward the total balance. Please inquire for details.


What if I cannot visit you soon?

Call us. We will be delighted to speak candidly with you over the phone. 


What style of photography do you do?

Our plan is to listen to what your ideas are and arrange the day around your preferences. If you prefer a blend of family formal portraits, engaging romantic images of the bride and groom, and vibrant candids, we will do that for you. If you want to change it up and have specific ideas, we will look at your examples and listen to your requests as we alter our style to suit your needs. 


How many photographers will be at my event?

For most events we have two photographers available. Sometimes we need to add more personnel and sometimes less. It all depends on the size and nature of your affair. 


Do you retouch?

We photograph in the camera RAW format and then edit and process every image that we make to create the styles that you see on the website. We apply this technique and artistically enhance every image that will be in your album or used as wall decor. (Translation: we will make you look amazing. Your album will ROCK. Your mother is going to love us for how great we make her look.) 


I don't photograph well. Can you still make me look amazing? 

You photograph extremely well. The problem is that you are used to seeing lousy snapshots made on cellphones and small cameras that are not meant for professional use. In the hands of the profession with ample experience, you will be most delighted with the way you look. We guarantee it.


Do you provide custom framing?

We do! We offer framing to our customers at our wholesale cost.


My friend had a bad experience. How do I prevent that?

Planning alleviates stress. That said, even the best laid plans can go off course. We are used to contingencies. Difficult family situations? Been there. Problem with the schedule? We can deal with that for you. Unexpected issues are expected by the professionals you hired. Let us help you to enjoy the best day of your life. Leave the worrying and stress behind. Go have a martini. 


Where is the information about video?

Our videography is handled by an independent videographer who works in conjunction with our studio. This is by choice for business purposes and we would like to direct you to his site. Please inquire for his pricing and availability. 


Do we have to use your videographer?

You may use any videographer of your choice. We highly recommend our associate videographer as his years of experience and reasonable prices make him the ideal professional for covering your special event. 


Can you restore an a damaged family album or old photographs? 

We can repair and restore most older and damaged albums and prints. We can also transfer video tape to DVD for you right here in the studio. 


What are your studio hours?

Hours are by appointment only. We would be happy to schedule an appointment with you Monday-Thursday, between 5pm and 9pm. Because of our schedule, Friday through Sunday are almost always unavailable. 

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